Katja Aeron Valiant (katvaliant) wrote in justice_for_het,
Katja Aeron Valiant

Any Requests?

Just letting the general community know--
I am open for all requests of any kind.

If you do have a request, drop it to me here or in a PM on my FictionPress.
It's my homepage on my profile.

I can assure you top-quality, descriptive and imaginative creations.
(This is for art as well as writing.)
Art requests may take a mite longer to be completed than writing.

Have fun!

---Katja Aeron Valiant---

(Depending on how much college work I have, fic requests will take one to two weeks once accepted.)
PostScript: Two fics will be accepted at a time. So please be patient!
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cool~ can i request a klavier/ema or edgeworth/ema fic? i don't mind any rating ^^
Request accepted! I'm more familiar with Edgeworth, so it will be Edgeworth/Ema if you don't mind. Any specifics?
Hm, not that I can think of, just that I don't want it too angsty, perhaps more on the fluffy/romantic side?
Surely. That's always fun. Just let me finish Case Five first. (I play the games out-of-order... so I haven't actually met Ema yet.)
Can I request a Phoenix/Franziska fic?
One-night stand, long term relationship, friendship with benefice, it don't matter...The settings and the ratings are yours, as long both of them are IC.
Alright! Request accepted.
Thank you very much. :D
By any chance can I request a Edgewoth/Maya or Phoeniz/Iris fic? Anything goes just pointless fluff, theme would be rainy day and icecream~ pg-13 rating. Thanks if its approved!!
Gah I mean PhoeniX x Iris...wow I hate my keyboard lol
I'd love some Apollo/Ema since somebody OTHER than me should probably write for that pairing. Anything is fine, really. 8D


September 17 2008, 21:54:48 UTC 8 years ago Edited:  September 17 2008, 21:55:05 UTC

I'm also requesting Phoenix/Franziska. Maybe something with brotherly Edgeworth worked in? Fluff is preferred, but take it where you want (also not picky on whether it's art or fic).

ETA: D'oh, forgot to say please. Bitte?
If it's not too much, may I request some JakexLana? <3